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It's time to reset what we know about grief & memorials

Memorial options for honoring our loved one's lives have changed little in centuries. New qualitative research suggests memorial diamonds help integrate grief with life, and give agency to the deceased in the next chapters of life for the living.

Groundbreaking New Research on Grief

Building a Better Future for Dying, Grieving and Remembering

It is time to change the cultural conversations around death, grief, and remembrance in the United States.

"In many ways, the memorial diamond is an active participant in the life of the living. It touches, it accompanies, it listens, and its presence affects the growth and development of the living, thus rendering it a kind of agency."

– Dr. Candi Cann

Associate Professor of Religion, and Professor on World Cultures, Social World, World Religions, Death and Dying in World Religions, and Buddhism at Baylor University

The Use of Objects for Memorialization

Traditional and Modern Approaches

The Importance of Memorials with Mobility

Burial Plots & Scattering of the Remains

Urns & Their In-Home Migration Over Time

Memorial Objects Give Agency in the Present

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Academic rigor serves an important role in our lives, helping us to understand that which we can’t on our own necessarily define. Our ask of Dr. Candi Cann was to look at the data, and help us understand if turning a loved one into a diamond helped people not only in their grief, but to remember remarkably, as well.

★ Does the data support it?

★ Does the research support it?

★ Is something magical and measurable happening in these 7-10 months?

What you’ll find in this document is Dr. Candi Cann’s hypothesis, and qualitative research on the subject. In early 2021, we will have definitive answers for us all.

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